Our Products

We offer the following products:
• Cleaning: Line of cleaning items such as brushes and sponges and all the possible items that can be addressed under cleaning categories
• Pet: A range of toys for pets and eating dishes and more items usable for pets.
• Kitchen: A range of all accessories any kitchen needs such as glass jars, dishes and BBQ accessories.
• Summer: New and fresh colours of flower pots with different designs and sizes and a small line of equipment and tools for gardens.
• Christmas: A seasonal updatable line of the newest beautiful designs of Christmas accessories.
• Decoration: Decorative ideas and creative details that give a stylish inspiration.
• Plastic: a range of plastic items for multiple use; a line of metalized plastic and modern styles of a huge collection.
• Shoe Polish: A line of shoe polish “Silver Shoe” collection.
• Arrangements: Huge collection of items that keep the house arranged such as toy boxes, laundry basket and more...

The vast majority of our products are imported.